14th – 16th March 2019

Manfeild Park, NZ

14-16 March 2019 Manfeild Park, Feilding, North Island, NZ


PROFORGE® recently showed at Central Districts Field Days,  New Zealand’s largest regional field days event with over 600 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors over three days.  Back in March 2019 Arron Pearce and Reuben Martin were pleased to support our Proforge Dealer – Willowbrook Machinery at the Central District Field Days in Feilding, North Island, NZ. ”The Proforge brand isn’t as well known in the North Island as it is in the South, so promoting a select range of machinery and attachments at the field days was an excellent opportunity.  The CD Field day is fondly known as ‘the best day off the farm all year’ amongst NZ farmers and we certainly experienced this by talking and sharing farm life experiences with the locals. The InvertaMax Disc Cultivator was a popular hit with farmers and contractors with a good number of demonstrations arranged on farms in the area”, says Reuben Martin. Neil Campbell – Farmer from Wanganui was very impressed with the build of the Proforge Moledrainer and said ”If you want a machine to pass on to the next generation then choose this”.

Following on from the central district field days, Willowbrook Machinery headed on to Kirwee in the south Island demonstrating the Proforge machinery at the South Island Agricultural Field Days Event (SIAFD) 27-29 March 2019.

Farming life and its influence on New Zealand culture


Farmers spend a lot of time outdoors doing hard, physical work. Because farming is such a large part of New Zealand’s history, rural culture has informed New Zealand culture as a whole and a lot of depictions of the ‘typical’ New Zealander involve farming.  For example New Zealanders are proud of their ‘number 8 wire’ mentality – meaning the ‘do-it-yourself’ tradition, and referring to a type of fencing wire used on farms that Kiwis will use to solve any problem. The stereotypical New Zealander is often shown wearing a black singlet, stubbies (shorts) and gumboots – for a long time this was a common outfit for farmers in New Zealand. And speaking of gumboots, rural life has also influenced New Zealand language! Words like bush (forest), razorback (a steep ridge), paddock (meadow), gully (valley), Taranaki gate, Swanndri (a brand of woollen shirt) are all common in Kiwi language today.


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