PROFORGE INVERTAMIN Compact Light Disc Cultivator


The INVERTAMIN™ is a 3 Point Linkage mounted Light Disc Cultivator designed as a lighter version of the popular INVERTA® – an ideal tool for low and medium soil types. Its robust frame construction with powerful disc spring protection allows the 510 mm discs to cut well into the soil whilst only using a low level of horse power. The INVERTAMIN™ also carries the benefits of key wearing parts being much the same as those used on the INVERTA® and the INVERTAMAX™.


Powerful springs allow the disc to drive agressively into the soil. This machine is well adapted to uneven ground, and its construction protects the frame against damage.


A light yet reliable disc harrow, at a very reasonable price point, designed for use on small and medium-sized farms in which low-power tractors are used, ultimately helping small farms improve efficiency and economy.


A disc harrow that intensively mixes plant residues with the soil, at a low cost, with high work rates and speeds, using low horsepower tractors.


  • 3 Point Linkage mounted with rigid frame design
  • High operating speeds of 7 – 15 km/h with low horsepower requirement
  • Robust construction
  • Powerful spring arm assembly with good shock absorbency
  • Class leading SKF® sealed for life maintenance – free bearing hubs
  • 2 rows of class leading high quality 20” (510 mm) cutaway Italian discs. (48 – 52 HRC Hardness)
  • Up to a maximum operating working depth of 6” (150 mm )
  • Choice of depth adjustable rear packers for different soil conditions
  • Robust construction
  • Powerful 13 x 100 mm spring arm assembly with good shock absorbency
  • Outer edge scalloped disc to provide level conditions between passes
  • Up to a maximum operating working depth of 6” (150 mm)


Model Roller Weight HP Required Total Discs
3 Metre Crumbler Roller 1150 kg 95 24
3 Metre Tooth Packer Roller 1250 kg 95 24