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PROFORGE® INVERTA® Short – Disc Harrow Cultivator


The Inverta® is intended for high – speed, low cost residue inversion, or stale seedbed creation as an efficient short disc cultivator maximising productivity on many soil types and working conditions.


Many years of development and refinement has brought about this very versatile machine. The Machine boasts 2 rows of class – leading 560mm (22”) Italian discs of 48 – 52 HRC hardness and SKF® sealed for life maintenance – free bearing hubs, for longevity and ultimate performance.


“Had a close inspection yesterday of the INVERTA®. Amazing machine for the money, and of course heavy and very well built.”


“It has become a very versatile piece of machinery for us and can be used on stubble, cultivated or ploughed land and is extremely good value for money. It has been extremely important to us especially where we don’t want to cultivate deep and bring up blackgrass.”

Stephen Ellerbeck


  • High operating speeds 10 – 15km/h with low horsepower requirement
  • Robust construction using selected profiles
  • Strong central frame construction
  • Extensive choice of machine widths (1.5m – 6m)
  • Versatile headstock. All sizes come with the versatility of being either mounted or trailed, with trailed models having the flexibility of both mounting options
  • Hydraulic lock down wings for even penetration across the whole width in hard and difficult conditions
  • Class leading SKF® sealed for life maintenance – free bearing hubs
  • Adjustable side shift on the front row of discs for best soil tillage
  • Rubber shock absorbers and overload protection
  • Outer edge scalloped disc to provide level conditions between passes
  • 2 rows of class leading high quality 22” (560mm) Italian discs. (48 – 52 HRC Hardness), options of Cutaway or TopStir™ discs
  • Side soil deflectors
  • All folding models have a transport width of under 3m
  • Lighting kit as standard with all hydraulic folding models
  • Option of hydraulic front levelling paddles on trailed versions
  • Choice of rear packers for different soil conditions
  • Option of hydraulic disc depth control


Model Code Total Machine Weight* (kg) No of Discs HP required**
Rubber Packer Steel Packer
1.5m Orchard Mounted MN100111Mini 750 kg 12 50
2.7 Mounted MN100111 1537 kg 1564 kg 20 95
3m Mounted MN100112 1738 kg 1768 kg 24 105
3m with Stoka Bar MN100112ST 1738 kg 1768 kg 24
4m Folding Mounted MN100113 3004 kg 3044 kg 323 130
4m Folding Trailed MN100113T 3804 kg 3844 kg 32 130
4.5m Folding Mounted MN100114 3267 kg 3312 kg 36 145
4.5m Folding Trailed MN100114T 4067 kg 4112 kg 36 145
5m Folding Mounted MN100115 3520 kg 3570 kg 40 160
5m Folding Trailed MN100115T 4320 kg 4370 kg 40 160
6m Folding Mounted MN100116 4006 kg 4066 kg 48 180
6m Folding Trailed MN100116T 4806 kg 4866 kg 48 180